Ten tips for packing for trips

NOV 24, 2017 AT 07:52 AM


One of the worst things that can happen to you if you are travelling is to discover that you forgot an essential item, leaving you scrambling to discover the nearest store in your destination. The other side – you pack too much in your bag(s), and you become burdened with heavy bags to tow, in addition to looking disorganized and, if you are travelling by plane, paying an arm and a leg for airline baggage fees.

Packing for trips is usually one of the worst experiences ever, because:

You have to figure out how to make your suitcase fit the weight limits – especially if on your trip, you purchase so many souvenirs, that your suitcase ends up looking like you are permanently moving away from home. Not to mention, annoying airport security checks.

Feeling the need to pack for every situation you conceive in your mind – for example, you think you can receive an invite to a fancy dinner, so you may pack a dress or suit you have never worn in your life. 

You have to fit your makeup and jewelry in one pouch – If you are a woman, you have no idea how you will manage with a small supply of cosmetics. You think to yourself how there should be an allowance for shampoo and hair products.

The realization that you need to do laundry – before you pack, you suddenly remember you have dirty laundry, but you also resign yourself to the fact that you will not do it after all.

Different outfits for every day – such a stressful activity! You also know that you will not stick to the clothing choices you just made.

What are you supposed to do when packing then? Here are some very important but often overlooked tactics to ensure you do not fall into the trap of “too little, too much” syndrome that afflicts many inexperienced travelers.

Do not forget lists!

Rule number one: Never forget to make a list! This is where last-minute packing falls short. Without a list, you will always forget important items, only to discover when you arrived at your destination or along the way, that you left something. When you are setting out on a journey, start packing weeks or days before the trip, and begin budgeting for items you will need in advance.